Isabelle PERIER, member of Aix en Provence bar, is graduated from the university of Nice and Montpellier law school with a master degree and a doctor's degree.She also performs in training courses. English and Italian are fluently spoken.

She advise and listen to you in strict confidence. She can represent you, assist you and defend you in front af all French Court cases including civil, criminal and company law matters. 

Giving priority to human relationship with her customer, you are placed at the top of her preoccupations. She will advise you and will show you the way to answer to all your legal interrogations.
Her main objective stays in defence but mainly the accompany of her customers with strictness, dynamism, disponibility and communication.

Isabelle PERIER takes up especially with bringing you the legal information the best fitted to your case, whoever you are a particular or an enterprise. She evaluates the risks and will eleborate the best way to find the issue. She gives a predominant place to the direct relationship with you. She makes a point of being attentive to and available.

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